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  Date Day Time Visitor Home Field Type Status Ump1 Ump2
4/20/2021Tuesday5:45PPirates - LawsonBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
4/21/2021Wednesday5:30PBulldogs 13U RedGo ProDuPage Sports ComplexGameTBP  
4/22/2021Thursday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
4/24/2021Saturday12:30PLongshotsBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
4/24/2021Saturday4:30PBulldogs 13U RedBriarcliffe Blazers RedLisle Navistar ParkGameTBP  
4/25/2021Sunday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
4/27/2021Tuesday5:30PBulldogs 13U RedBatavia BulldogsStriedl Field, 1501 S. Raddant Rd, BataviaGameTBP  
4/27/2021Tuesday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
4/27/2021Tuesday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
4/29/2021Thursday5:45PBulldogs 13U RedHomer HeatHomer Glen ComplexGameTBP  
4/29/2021Thursday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/1/2021Saturday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedA19 WhiteDuPage River Sports Complex Field 1GameTBP  
5/1/2021Saturday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/2/2021Sunday12:30PBulldogs 13U RedLongshotsDowners Grove GilbertGameTBP  
5/2/2021Sunday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
5/2/2021Sunday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
5/2/2021Sunday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/4/2021Tuesday5:45PBulldogs BlackBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/6/2021Thursday5:30PBulldogs 13U RedHounds GameTBP  
5/6/2021Thursday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/8/2021Saturday10:00ABulldogs 13U RedRake City GameTBP  
5/8/2021Saturday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/9/2021Sunday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/11/2021Tuesday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/13/2021Thursday5:45PA19 WhiteBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/15/2021Saturday12:30PGo ProBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/16/2021Sunday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/17/2021Monday5:30PBulldogs 13U RedPirates - FunteasLockport Hassert Park #1GameTBP  
5/18/2021Tuesday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/20/2021Thursday5:45PBriarcliffe Blazers RedBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/21/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedBingo Fundraiser EventTBP  
5/22/2021Saturday11:30ABulldogs 13U RedDowners Grove Dragons BlackDowners Grove McCollumGameTBP  
5/22/2021Saturday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/23/2021Sunday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/25/2021Tuesday5:45PDowners Grove Dragons BlackBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
5/27/2021Thursday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Memorial Day Tournament GameTBP  
5/28/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Memorial Day Tournament GameTBP  
5/29/2021Saturday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Memorial Day Tournament GameTBP  
5/30/2021Sunday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Memorial Day Tournament GameTBP  
5/31/2021Monday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Memorial Day Tournament GameTBP  
6/1/2021Tuesday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/2/2021Wednesday6:30PBulldogs 13U RedIllinois ChargersCountryside Bank Field, 7600 S. Central, BurbankGameTBP  
6/3/2021Thursday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedBatavia Bulldogs Tournament GameTBP  
6/3/2021Thursday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/4/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedBatavia Bulldogs Tournament GameTBP  
6/5/2021Saturday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedBatavia Bulldogs Tournament GameTBP  
6/5/2021Saturday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/6/2021Sunday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedBatavia Bulldogs Tournament GameTBP  
6/6/2021Sunday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/8/2021Tuesday5:45P Bulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
6/8/2021Tuesday7:45POswego PanthersBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/10/2021Thursday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/12/2021Saturday12:30PSchaumburg SeminolesBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/13/2021Sunday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameCancelled  
6/15/2021Tuesday7:45PPirates Baseball - FunteasBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/16/2021Wednesday5:30PBulldogs 13U RedGeneva Vikings BlueDon Forni Field, 3300 Border Rd, GenevaGameTBP  
6/17/2021Thursday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedLombard Fathers Day Tournament GameTBP  
6/17/2021Thursday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/18/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedBingo Fundraiser EventTBP  
6/18/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedLombard Fathers Day Tournament GameTBP  
6/19/2021Saturday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedLombard Fathers Day Tournament GameTBP  
6/19/2021Saturday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/20/2021Sunday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedLombard Fathers Day Tournament GameTBP  
6/20/2021Sunday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/22/2021Tuesday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/24/2021Thursday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedTournament TBD GameTBP  
6/24/2021Thursday7:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/25/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedTournament TBD GameTBP  
6/26/2021Saturday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedTournament TBD GameTBP  
6/26/2021Saturday12:30PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/27/2021Sunday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedTournament TBD GameTBP  
6/27/2021Sunday3:00PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/29/2021Tuesday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
7/1/2021Thursday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Bang Bang Tournament GameTBP  
7/2/2021Friday5:00PBulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Bang Bang Tournament GameTBP  
7/3/2021Saturday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Bang Bang Tournament GameTBP  
7/4/2021Sunday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedWoodridge Bang Bang Tournament GameTBP  
7/6/2021Tuesday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
7/8/2021Thursday5:45PTBDBulldogs 13U RedOrchard 3GameTBP  
7/11/2021Sunday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedMyrtle Beach Tournament GameTBP  
7/12/2021Monday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedMyrtle Beach Tournament GameTBP  
7/13/2021Tuesday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedMyrtle Beach Tournament GameTBP  
7/14/2021Wednesday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedMyrtle Beach Tournament GameTBP  
7/15/2021Thursday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedMyrtle Beach Tournament GameTBP  
7/16/2021Friday9:00ABulldogs 13U RedMyrtle Beach Tournament GameTBP  
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