FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the philosophy of the Woodridge Travel Program?
We are driven on fundamentals, hard work and having fun.  We will play competitive baseball and prepare your son for high school ball, should he choose to play at that level.

How many games do the Bulldogs play?
The number of games vary by team, however on average approximately 45-60 games are scheduled.  Historically, the majority of our teams play around 50 games.  Please check with your Team's Manager for more information.

How many tournaments will the team play in?
The number of tournaments vary by team, but generally teams compete in 4-7 tournaments during the season.

Will the Bulldogs travel outside of Illinois?
This depends on the team, however historically each team has competed in at least one tournament that was outside of the Chicagoland Area (usually within a few hours drive, i.e. Southern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, etc.)

Each year our 12U Team competes in Cooperstown, NY, for one week (generally in late June or early/mid July).  You can visit the website at www.CooperstownDreamsPark.com

Other teams have also traveled further away from Illinois, so please check with your Team's Manager for more information.

How much does it cost to be on the Bulldogs?
The maximum charge per player is $1,500†.  Some teams may charge less, but it will not exceed $1,500 per player.  In addition, each team generally holds fundraisers to offset fees as well.  Historically, with some fundraising, our team player fees have averaged between $600-$900.

† Due to the expense of Cooperstown, the 12U Bulldogs Team has a maximum charge per player of $2,500.  The 12U Team may charge less, but it will not exceed $2,500 per player.  In addition, Cooperstown bound teams should expect a considerable increase in fundraising needs.

What does our fee include?
Uniforms, Bat Bags, Helmet, Winter Training, Tournaments, Insurance, WAA & League Fees (i.e. WSBL, ILTBL, NIML, etc.), Cooperstown (for 12U), etc. Pretty much everything.

Will you do any additional fundraising?
WTB generally hosts our own Tournament, usually Memorial Day Weekend or 4th of July Weekend.  Each team will also generally get sponsors, as well as other fundraising activities on a per team basis.

What league will you play in?
Historically WTB teams play in the the WSBL League, or the ILTBL League.  Some teams have also belonged to multiple leagues.  It is up to each individual team what leagues they want to join.

When do you start workouts?
WTB Teams generally start weekly, indoor, skill development workouts in mid December or early January.  In addition, our teams generally meet an additional day certain weeks for additional training.  Weather permitting, some teams may also practice during the fall after teams are picked.

What distance are the bases and pitching mound?
09U:  60' bases and 44' pitching distance. (60/46 is also possible)
10U:  65' bases and 46' pitching distance. (60/44 & 65/48 is also possible)
11U:  70’ bases and 50’ pitching distance. (70/48 is also possible)
12U:  70’ bases and 50’ pitching distance. (70/48 is also possible)
13U:  80’ bases and 54’ pitching distance.
14U:  90’ bases and 60' 6" pitching distance.

How and when will I know if my son has made the team?
Generally players will be notified and offered a position within a week after the final tryout date.  Once all notifications are made, the roster is generally posted on our website.

When is the money due?
An initial deposit (generally not more than $400 - may be less depending on team) will be due within 72 hours of a player being picked for the team.  An additional payment is generally due around November 1st and the balance generally by January 1st.  No refunds will be given for any reason, once fees are paid.  Checks should be made payable to: Woodridge Travel Baseball.

The policy of Woodridge Travel Baseball is No Refunds for Any Reason (including but not limited to withdrawal, injury, suspension or expulsion).