Woodridge Bulldogs Tryouts 2022

Woodridge Travel Baseball

Woodridge Bulldogs
8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 16U, 17U, 18U
Full-Time Travel Teams
For the Spring/Summer 2022 Season


Please complete the below form and bring it with you to your first tryout session 
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8U Bulldogs 2022

  • Wednesday, July 14th - 5:45 PM @ Meadowview
  • Tuesday, July 20th - 5:45 PM @ Meadowview
  • Saturday, July 24th - 10:30 AM @ Meadowview

Manager: Tim Bates

9U Bulldogs 2022

  • Monday, July 12th - 5:45 PM @ Sipley~ Postponed due to rain
  • Tuesday, July 13th - 5:45 PM @ Sipley
  • Wednesday, July 14th- 5:45 PM @ Goodrich

Manager: Mike Adams

10U Bulldogs 2022

  • Wednesday, July 7th - 5:30 PM @ Jefferson
  • Wednesday, July 14th - 5:30 PM @ Jefferson

Manager: Jason McGriff-Culver

11U Bulldogs 2022

Private Tryouts upon request. 

Please contact me directly at 630-926-3350 or Mark.Machacek@modis.com


Manager: Mark Machacek

12U Bulldogs 2022


  • Wednesday, July 7th - 5:45 PM @ Orchard 2
  • Saturday, July 10th - 10:00 AM @ Orchard 2
  • Additional tryouts will be private, Please contact the managers (through the link below).

2 Teams
12U Black: Jerry Bauer (Cooperstown All Star Village)
12U Red: Tom Lyp (Full)

13U Bulldogs 2022

  • Please contact the 13U Managers through the link below for private tryouts.

2 Teams
13U Black: Josh Potter 
13U Red: Brian Jarvis

14U Bulldogs 2022

2 Teams
14U Black: Dave Rapinchuk
14U Red: Frank Denigris

16U Bulldogs 2022

Manager: Stephen Santos

17U Bulldogs 2022

  • Please contact manager through the link below for Private Tryouts, looking for 2 to 3 players

Manager: Rich Sperando

18U Bulldogs 2022

  • Wednesday, July 21st - 5:45 PM Janes 1 SW (7925 Janes Ave)
  • Wednesday, July 28th - 5:45 PM Janes 1 SW (7925 Janes Ave)
  • Wednesday, August 4th - 5:45 PM Janes 1 SW (7925 Janes Ave)

Manager: Anthony Bryant


Times/Dates Subject to Change, so please check our website regularly.

** Tryout for the Team that matches your age on or before 4/30/2022 **

Players Are Strongly Encouraged To Attend Multiple Tryout Sessions
Can't Make a Tryout?  Please contact the Manager directly for possible alternative options

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to Check-In & Warm-Up

The 12U Black Team Competes Each Year In Cooperstown, NY!  

Directions to Fields: Orchard Fields, 63rd St. Field, Sipley Field, Jefferson FieldsJanes 1 SW Field & Janes 2 NE Field

Visit Our Website For Additional Information: www.WoodridgeTravelBaseball.org 

Questions?  Checkout our FAQ's

Rain-Outs:  If a Tryout Session gets Rained-Out, Please Check
the website later that day for any possible reschedules

Tryout Registration: 
Please complete the below form and bring it with you to your first tryout session 
Tryout Registration Form