Picture Day Times

Picture Day 2018
Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2018
Location: Jefferson Jr. High   map

You do not need to order pictures, but all players must have an order form with a minimum of their name on it. 

Teams should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled timeslot. 

Players should bring their glove or their bat to pictures! 
For the individual pose, players can either hold their glove or hold their bat, whichever pose you prefer.

No Metal Cleats Are Allowed in the Gym.

* Denotes Revised Time



Time STATION # TEAM Background Color
8:00AM 1 Travel-8U Bulldogs Blue
8:00AM 2 Pinto-Blue Jays Green
8:15AM 1 Pinto-White Sox Blue
8:15AM 2 Pinto-Brewers Green
8:30AM 1 Pinto-Yankees Blue
8:30AM 2 Pinto-Red Sox Green
8:45AM 1 Bronco-Yankees Blue
8:45AM 2 Bronco-Brewers Green
9:00AM 1 Tournament-10U Warriors Blue
9:00AM 2 Instructional-Cubs Green
9:15AM 1 Tournament-12U Warriors Blue
9:15AM 2 Instructional-Blue Jays Green
9:30AM 1 Tournament-13U Warriors Blue
9:30AM 2 Instructional-White Sox Green
9:45AM 2 BREAK-BREAK Green
10:00AM 1 Instructional-Pirates Blue
10:00AM 2 Bronco -Cubs Green
10:15AM 1 Travel-10U Bulldogs Blue
10:15AM 2 Pony-Muckdogs Green
10:30AM 1 Pony-Storm Blue
10:30AM 2 Pony-Timber Rattlers Green
10:45AM 1 Travel-13U Bulldogs Blue
10:45AM 2 Travel-11U Bulldogs Green
11:00AM 1 Bronco -Pirates Blue
11:00AM 2 BREAK-BREAK Green
11:15AM 1 BREAK-BREAK Blue
11:15AM 2 Travel-12U Bulldogs Green
11:30AM 1 Instructional-Diamondbacks Blue
11:30AM 2 Travel-14U Bulldogs Red Green
11:45AM 1 BREAK-BREAK Blue
11:45AM 2 BREAK-BREAK Green
12:00PM 1 Travel-14U Bulldogs Black Blue
12:00PM 2 Travel-9U Bulldogs Green
12:15PM 1 Mustang-Athletics Blue
12:15PM 2 Mustang-Diamondbacks Green
12:30PM 1 Mustang-Giants Blue
12:30PM 2 Mustang-Mariners Green
12:45PM 1 Mustang-Orioles Blue
12:45PM 2 Mustang-Yankees Green



Colt & Palomino Teams will have Pictures Taken at a later date (date TBD).