Woodridge Bulldogs Tournaments



3 Games Guaranteed

Patched Umpires

Fields Re-Lined Between Games

Individual Player Awards for Winners

Tournament Dates Age Levels Cost †
Memorial Day Weekend May 27-31, 2021

9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U
Full: 11U, 12U

Bang Bang Classic June 30-July 4, 2021

9U, 11U, 12U, 13U
11U: AA or A Teams Only

Full: 12U


Bang Bang Classic June 30-July 4, 2021 16U $650


Early Bird Discount: $25 Discount Per Team, Per Tournament, If Paid by Dec 31st

Additional Discount: Multiple Tournament Discount: $25 Discount Per Tournament for a Team Registering for Multiple Tournaments OR Organization Discount: $25 Discount Per Team For Multiple Teams Registering From Same Organization. Payment Must Be Received Together for the Multiple Tournament or Organization Discount to apply.

Questions? Please Contact the Appropriate Age Group Tournament Director:

9U: Jason McGriff-Culver
10U: Mark Machacek
(11U Memorial) 11U: Jerry Bauer
(11U Bang Bang) 11U: Tom Lyp
(12U Memorial) 12U: Josh Potter
(12U Bang Bang) 12U: Brian Jarvis
(13U Memorial) 13U: Dave Rapinchuk
(13U Bang Bang) 13U: Frank Denigris
16U: Rich Sperando


Woodridge is located in the Darien/Downers Grove Area, 2 miles North of the I-355 and I-55 interchange. Once exiting off I-355 our fields are within a 3 minute drive.


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Today's Team Events - 3/2/2021

Today's Schedule - Tuesday 3/2/2021

Division Date Day Time Visitor Home Field Type Status Ump1 Ump2
3/2/2021Tuesday5:00PtrBulldogs 10UHitting / PitchingPerfect Swing - DarienPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday5:30PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Bernas/Luke U)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday6:00PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Jake & Ryan)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday6:00PtrBulldogs 13U RedHitting - Group 1 / Pitching - Group 1Perfect Swing - DarienPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday6:30PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Espo & Corey U)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday7:00PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Joey & Richard)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday7:30PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Chase & Tommy)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday7:30PtrBulldogs 13U RedHitting - Group 2 / Pitching - Group 2Perfect Swing - DarienPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday8:00PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Crispo & Michael)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/2/2021Tuesday8:30PtrBulldogs 16UHitting (Noah & Lyons)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
Legend:   TBP=To Be Played   in=Instructional   pi=Pinto   mu=Mustang   br=Bronco   po=Pony   co=Colt   pa=Palomino   to=Tournament   tr=Travel   fa=Fall   View Entire Team Schedules

Tomorrow's Team Events - 3/3/2021

Tomorrow's Schedule - Wednesday 3/3/2021

Division Date Day Time Visitor Home Field Type Status Ump1 Ump2
3/3/2021Wednesday6:00PtrBulldogs 16UPitching (Corey & Michael)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/3/2021Wednesday6:30PtrBulldogs 16UPitching (Ryan & Chase)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/3/2021Wednesday7:00PtrBulldogs 16UPitching (Joey & Richard))WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/3/2021Wednesday7:30PtrBulldogs 16UPitching (Bernas, Luke U & Tommy)WBRSPC, WillowbrookPracticeTBP  
3/3/2021Wednesday8:00PtrBulldogs 13U Blackpitching instruction McGinley,Smeja,TemplinWBRSPCPracticeTBP  
Legend:   TBP=To Be Played   in=Instructional   pi=Pinto   mu=Mustang   br=Bronco   po=Pony   co=Colt   pa=Palomino   to=Tournament   tr=Travel   fa=Fall   View Entire Team Schedules

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